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If you are a pro PC gamer, you must have experienced eye strain, fatigue, headaches, or blurry vision due to long-time interaction with a gaming monitor or screen. But luckily, now you can get rid of all these issues by simply wearing Best Gaming Glasses 2022.

Gaming glasses are specially for all computer games. However, even those who don’t play games will experience the same issues. But these glasses prevent you from doing so. Best computer glasses 2022 can be used by any type of people, including P.C. gamers, professional typists/word processors/data entry operators and office workers, etc.

These computer glasses protect your eyes from blue light emitted by computer screens, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets. And also reduce screen glare that helps you better concentrate while playing computer games or performing high-end work on a monitor like reading PDF files or working on CAD designs for long hours.

Moreover, these glasses can cause some discomfort if you are not using eyeglasses-friendly headsets for gaming.

Health Benefits & Eye Protection of Gaming Glasses

There are certain benefits of gaming glasses that you might not know. I have listed the major ones below that you should know.

Computer glasses help protect your eyes from blue light. It also protects your eyes from harmful U.V. radiation, including blue light emitted by computer screens, mobile phones, and tablets.

These glasses cut out 100% of U.V. rays and protect your eyes from the side effects caused due to blue light emission. These glasses filter all harmful radiation that including 99% of UVA/UVB/UVC rays and all harmful radiations while allowing beneficial visible spectrum into your eyes.

The tiny dots on the lenses are called “Fresnel Magnets”; they keep harmful radiating away from your eyes.

Blue light can reduce the ability of your macular cells to distinguish between red and green colors. Also, these special screen glasses protect your macular cells from damage.

These glasses can relieve you from headaches, eye strain, fatigue, and dry eyes caused by blue light emission of LCDs, etc. Doing a lot of gaming on the phone or screen can cause asthenopia which is one form of eyestrain that occurs when your eyes become fatigued too quickly after prolonged use in near-work activities like reading, using computers, and mobile phones.

With the assistance of these glasses, you can avoid these issues related to your vision development, but it’s good not to wear them for longer than 2 hours at a time.

Blue Light emissions are really harmful, especially if they come directly into your eyes.

Why Should You Use Gaming Glasses?

The gaming glasses are consist of high-quality lenses that can cut out blue light to protect your eyes. These filters have been specially designed, so you don’t get distracted by the lens flare of game glasses in this situation, and there is no side effect of it.

Many games contain flashing lights; gaming glasses filter them out as well to avoid any further problems. These glasses will keep your eyes safe and also prevent diseases like Glaucoma and Macular degeneration.

Many studies show that when a proper lens for games is worn for a more extended period, it can cause eye fatigue or headaches; however, it all depends on how much they can take it. These glasses balance the level of comfort and protection at the same time.

Best Gaming Glasses 2022 Review

Here are the gaming glasses that you can avail yourself of in 2022 and avoid your eyes from all kinds of damage and strains. I have tested these glasses and found these glasses best and affordable as well. Let’s check it below.

GUNNAR Razer RPG Gaming Glasses


GUNNAR Razer RPG gaming glasses 2022 are for gamers to avoid any kind of strain on their eyes due to the L.E.D Light used in gaming consoles and screens. The lenses used in this product is Patented Lens #9417460 that is scientifically proven that it can block blue rays 65% and U.V. radiation up to 99%. The frame is very lightweight, and you won’t feel any strain on your ears as well.

If you are experiencing blurry vision, migraines, dry eyes, and headaches, you can use these glasses and avoid all these symptoms and issues.

The anti-reflective matte coating will be giving you a crystal clear view while playing games on P.C., Laptop, or Console. This is made to fit men, women as well as teenagers, as it comes in various color choices like red, blue, green, etc.

It comes with a 1-year warranty, so you don’t need to worry about anything. It also comes in different lenses like Blue Tinted, Amber Tinted, and Grey Tinted. Also, it is compatible with both Laptop screens and P.C./Console games.

Gamma Ray Amber Tint – Best Blue Light Protection Gaming Glasses

Gamma Ray Amber Tint

Gamma Ray gaming glasses come with the Best Blue Light Blocking Technology that helps you as an anti-glare, and also it improves your vision by reducing eye strain. It is more effective than ordinary eyeglasses at blocking U.V. light; it also helps protect your eyes from the rays of harmful blue light emitted by electronic screens. These glasses come in two different frame colors, Black & Silver.

This is specially made for Gamers, P.C./Console game players, Photo Enthusiasts, etc. The Peripheral Vision Enhancing lenses make these Glasses best even if used outside for regular activities like driving.

The lens length is 53 millimeters, and the frame material is TR90 nylon that provides lightweight and durability.

GAMEKING Ultra Rimless – Best For Video Gaming

GAMEKING Ultra Rimless

GAMEKING Ultra Rimless eyewear is best for computer gaming. High-quality glasses to use when playing games on your console or P.C. It comes with a clip-on design that offers the great convenience of clipping right over existing glasses and comfortably fits easily around any shape.

It also reduces eye fatigue with its amber-tinted lenses that help reduce glare and ultraviolet rays from your screen without affecting the color reproduction of your display. The Game Kings pair of video glasses are designed for console gaming, but you can also get them to work on P.C. games too!

Also, with Anti-Glare U.V. Protection, these A.A.A. glasses will help you see clearly when you are playing games. It is tested by experts and is suitable for ps4 that has no distortion and 1080P video quality. It is 100% brand new and high-quality A/V equipment which has also been tested by F.D.A.

Swanwick Classic Day Swannies

Swanwick Classic Day Swannies

SWANWICK Classic Day Swannies is the best brand for computer glasses. It has 80% light transmittance, and up to 95% blue light blocked. That means you can see clearly in low brightness conditions like nighttime.

It will help protect your eyes from harmful glare and U.V. rays when playing computer games at night by reducing eye fatigue with their anti-glare lenses that reduce reflection from sunlight as well as from the computer screens. The best part is they are comfortable to wear for people who wear their spectacles full time or have reduced vision while watching a movie or playing a video game on PC/Laptop or Playstation consoles.

ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses


The lens is made up of Polycarbonate material that is lightweight, shatter-resistant, and stronger than regular glass. It is specially designed for long gaming hours. It blocks harmful blue light from the screen of your computer and game consoles such as PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch.

These gaming glasses provide clear vision without any distortions. Also, it offers a wide array of lens options, including anti-reflective coating, polarized lenses, mirror coatings.

And it helps you match your comfort level with your vision needs while playing games on your P.C. or other game consoles such as Wii U.

I wish they could improve the frame because it feels fragile…with some handling, it can get a bit rickety….but then again, it’s not expensive at all.

ALTEC VISION Computer Glasses – Cheap & Reliable


Best cheap gaming glasses that block blue light, reducing glare and eye strain from digital screens. These computer glasses feature no magnification making them best suited for use while surfing the web or using your smartphone. ALTEC VISION is a brand you can trust when it comes to quality eyewear products. Also, the frame is made up of steel that enhances its durability.

Such cheap glasses block blue light and U.V. rays with a high-impact lens that is scratch-proof.

It also features 100% UVA, UVB, U.V.C. protection. It offers 99% protection from harmful blue light (emitted by some electronic devices). Also, reduces glare while still allowing you to view your games clearly without any distortion.

The glasses is stylish, just like other gaming glasses out there, and they also have a sleek design. They look best when worn outdoors or in brightly lit areas, as the color of the reflectors can be noticed more in darker areas due to their lighter color.

HyperX Gaming Eyewear – Durable & Classy


It comes with acetate frame material that is more durable than painted polycarbonate frames due to its chemical structure. The arms are made of durable TR90 nylon with steel hinges. It’s affordable ( Usually sells for $19-$25), and it comes in different colors.

They have a U.V. protection layer rated at 99%, which blocks out 100% harmful UVA & UVB rays while also blocking harsh blue lights from LCD screens, OLED screens, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

These glasses come at an affordable price, but despite that, they do not compromise on quality, as the glasses are still made of high-quality material and feature MR-8 material lens technology that eliminates glare better than any gaming glasses on the market today. It comes with a hardshell case that protects your glass from dust, scratch, and damage.

Duco 301 Anti Eye Strain Gaming Eyeglasses – Highly Suitable for Men

Duco 301

It has a broad frame, which makes it even more attractive. The frame is made of lightweight plastic material with a matte finish, making it very comfortable to wear on your face. It eliminates harmful blue lights from all artificial sources and 100 % UVA and UVB rays. It comes in five different colors to choose from Red, Gray, Black, Blue, and Purple that come at an affordable price.

Melatonin is a hormone that helps you sleep better and stay relaxed; however, With the constant interaction with blue light, the Melatonin hormone starts to decrease and affects your sleep badly. But no worry, as these eyeglasses avoid all kinds of blue radiations and protect your mood and sleep. Moreover, it is made from an ultra-premium coating that offers superior protection against dust and scratches.

The lens is made from anti-reflective material with an optical density of 1.0 + 2.0 and a polycarbonate for maximum protection, durability, and lightweight construction.

STAMEN Glasses for Men/Women – Better UV Protection


The stylish design of these glasses protects your eyes from harmful blue light and provides you crystal clear vision while doing office work, watching T.V., reading, or working on a computer. It blocks 99% of harmful U.V. rays and fights fatigue and eyestrain by reducing eye stress and enhancing comfort.

It helps you enhance sleep quality with its ability to prevent blue light associated with sleep disturbances. By wearing these glasses at night, users have noticed a significant improvement in their sleeping patterns.

These glasses are suitable for men/women who work long hours on computers, read books/newspapers in low lights, or watch movies/T.V. shows in dark light.

The design is very stylish and doesn’t make you look geeky. It also features a lightweight design that is very comfortable to wear for long durations.

I have many friends who love gaming but cannot find gaming glasses with the proper specifications and quality that can protect their eyes while playing games on a computer or console or watching movies in dark light for a longer duration (more than 2 hours). I hope this glasses review blog will help them to select the best one.

GUNNAR Optiks PHA-00101 M.L.G. Phantom


These GUNNAR Optiks computer glasses are inspired by the Pro PC gamers who spend thousands of hours training to be the best in their field. These glasses for P.C. are not like any others on this list.

These are specially designed computer glasses with a unique lens that helps reduce eye strain and fatigue during long sessions with a monitor. The amber tint blocks blue light, which may contribute to discomfort behind your eyes after staring at a digital screen for hours while also providing you with top-notch clarity and protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays. Also, the frame is consists of steel that enhances its durability. The nose pads are also adjustable so you can stay comfortable while long wearing hours.

If you’re comfortable wearing a couple of pairs of regular spectacles or sunglasses at once, then these gaming glasses would be a great addition.

Archon GL-ES3103R Coated Lense Glasses

Archon GL-ES3103R

You’ll be able to play longer than ever before without eye strain or headaches with a perfect custom fit thanks to the Archgon gaming glasses frame. It’s also impact resistant and UV400, so you can confidently wear them out in direct sunlight without any issues.

The anti-blue light coating is guaranteed to block 100% of UVA, UVB & U.V.C. rays.

Best part? They’re made from high-quality materials, so they’re comfortable enough for all-day wear!

Along with Blue Light Protection, there are five distinct lens tints available, these gaming glasses are designed to offer the best vision at night games.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 2022

After reviewing the top best glasses for gaming, I have also prepared an ultimate buying guide for you. I can relate to how hard it is to find the best thing when you have only a pinch of knowledge about it. However, you can use my suggestions and experience to find the best product for your eyes.

I will discuss some must-have features of gaming glasses that you should consider when buying them. Also, this eyewear is suitable for P.C. gamers, students who study online, online book readers, and everyday P.C., Laptop, or mobile users. So let’s get started.


Gaming glasses should have the best quality lenses to protect your eyes from blue light. They are also equipped with anti-glare/A.R. coating, which reduces the reflections and makes them usable in bright daylight and nighttime. So these 20XX gaming glasses must be able to block blue lights completely.


Gaming glasses in 2022 can cost anywhere between $20 to $100+, so I hope you don’t go for the cheapest one because of your budget because it will waste your money and affect your eye health in the long run. So make sure that it’s not just cheap but also good for your eye protection and comfortability.

Weight & Case

These Glasses should be lightweight, and they should come with a hardshell case so they won’t get scratches and damage. Also, heavy-weight glasses will make you uncomfortable after continuous use. So make sure that you can consider both weights and carry cases when you are buying these glasses.

Titanium Frames For Comfort

It must have a titanium frame for a very comfortable feel as you will be wearing them for long hours of gaming, and if that frame is cheap quality plastic, you will face discomfort after some time; the same goes for the nose tip area.

Blue Light Filter Technology

Nowadays, gaming glasses also come with blue light filter technology, which eliminates harmful light from your eyes and makes these glasses usable during day or night. Because at day time too there are harmful lights (sunlight) that can damage our eyes.

U.V. Rays Protection

Gaming glasses are designed to reduce blue light and harmful U.V. rays. Unlike regular eyeglasses, Gaming glasses are more like wraparounds; they cover the sides of your peripheral view, promoting better focus and depth perception while gaming. They also help with glare reduction from different light sources, including computer screens and fluorescent lighting, and daily harsh sunlight and U.V. rays.


Gaming glasses are mandatory if you are a frequent gamer. You should have the best quality lens to wear while playing games, watching screens for a long time. If you are still conserving to buy the right glasses for you, then it’s time to do it. Now you have the complete review and ultimate buying guide, so make a decision and get eyeglasses today to protect your eyes from any kind of damage.

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