Why Are Mechanical Keyboards so Expensive?

The price of a mechanical keyboard can range from $10 to over $200. What are some factors that contribute to this? There are many reasons, but the most common is build quality. Mechanical keyboards use better materials and parts than regular keyboards, so they’re more expensive. However, the trade-off in price versus performance is worth it for those who switch to mechanical keyboards!

Reasons for Why are Mechanical Keyboards so Expensive


There are some reasons that make mechanical keyboards so expensive, and below, you can check them.

  • Key-types are of high-quality
  • High-quality material
  • Switches are perfect and durable
  • Assembly is very labor-intensive

Is a Mechanical Keyboard Worth it?

There are many reasons why a mechanical keyboard is worth it. The first one boils down to the fact that they last much longer than other keyboards, even with heavy usage. Mechanical switches have an average lifespan of 50 million keystrokes, while normal rubber dome switches can only survive up to 20 million clicks! With great durability comes great tactile feedback.

Mechanical keyboards are designed to register keystrokes the moment you start pressing down on your keys. This can be extremely helpful in games where certain actions depend solely on how fast you press a button, or even just for people who really enjoy the tactile feedback while typing! It’s also not uncommon to hear stories of average users getting years more out of their mechanical keyboards compared to other traditional ones.

The tactile feedback is one of the features that makes typing on a mechanical keyboard so enjoyable, but it also increases your typing speed! This isn’t just an assumption; studies have shown that users can type up to 20% faster with their words per minute increasing by about 50%, and this all comes down to the response time that the switches provide.

Along with great durability and tactile feedback comes affordability. You’ll find that most mechanical keyboards are actually cheaper than others, even though they last much longer!

Why is a mechanical keyboard so Costly?


A mechanical keyboard uses actual switches underneath each key, and they offer a lot of benefits. For one, the switch itself is going to last much longer than your standard rubber dome keyboards that most people use these days. However, it’s not just about longevity; there are tons of other advantages, like how responsive the keys feel.

High-Quality Building Material

The switch is only the beginning. Mechanical keyboards also need to be made from high-quality materials like aluminum and steel, which drive up their price points as well because these components cost more than your standard keyboard plastic parts. Plus, there are other added costs for switches and building a mechanical board; it’s not just about how much the keycaps cost.

Mechanical keyboards are usually more expensive because of all the components they need to make them work, like high-quality switches and building materials that last longer than your standard keyboard’s parts. These keyboards also take a lot more time to assemble too, which translates into higher costs for you in the end. However, there are a lot of benefits to owning one too, so if you have the money and want something more comfortable for your typing sessions, then it’s totally worth it.

Key Types are High End

The other reason mechanical keyboards are so expensive is that tons of different types are available for consumers, each with its price points. The three main switches you’ll find in a keyboard right now include Cherry MX Blue, Brown, and Red options, which all have unique benefits that make them stand out from the others. For example:

Cherry MX Blue switches are clicky and loud, which makes them great for typing.

Brown or” “tactil” switches offer a nice in-between that feels good to type on but isn’t as loud as blue keys; they also don’t require too much pressure like the red types do.

Red switches are quiet but require too much pressure for most people, making them suitable for gamers who need to press multiple keys simultaneously.

The keycaps that you choose can also affect the price of your keyboard. For example:

PBT plastic is more expensive than ABS or standard POM plastic used in many keyboards because it’s more durable and doesn’t wear down as quickly.

Cost of Assembly is High Too

Most mechanical keyboards are assembled in China, where the labor costs for building them are much cheaper than in North America or Europe, but this does come at a price: the final product will also cost you less because it takes time to ship them here.

The reason why mechanical keyboards are so expensive is that the process of assembling one takes a lot longer than it does to build your standard rubber dome or membrane keyboard, which means you’re paying for added labor costs when you buy one too! Certain types of keycaps can affect how much they cost, while some switches are more expensive than others. Plus, building one from scratch takes a lot of time and effort, so they’re not priced as affordably as something that goes through automated assembly lines in China or elsewhere!

Tactile Switches are the Most Expensive

The most expensive kind of mechanical switch you can buy these days is a tactile one, which offers an in-between option that’s not as loud or requires too much pressure to use. When pressed down, they also have very distinct feedback, so they feel good under your fingers and will last longer than other switches. They’re made from a softer plastic called Zinc, which makes them the highest-end switches you can buy for your keyboard right now without going into super expensive territory that most people won’t be able to afford!

Linear Switches

Linear switches are the next most expensive because they don’t offer as much feedback or feel as nice to use but require less pressure than tactile types.

The cheapest switches you can buy right now include Red and Black options, which both have a smooth press that does not require too much effort on your part. They also lack any tactile feedback, so they’re quiet and perfect for gaming.

Blacks are the cheapest, but Browns are still good too!

When it comes to keycaps, PBT plastic is more expensive than ABS or standard POM plastic that you see in many keyboards because it lasts longer and doesn’t wear down as quickly.

Clicky Switch Keycaps Are the Most Expensive

The most expensive keycap sets you can buy right now are called “click,” which offer an excellent loud sound every time they’re pressed down. They also feel great to type on because of all that extra feedback! You can find these in Cherry MX Blue and Brown types with an ABS plastic base.


Why mechanical keyboards are so expensive is because they last a long time. They are built with sturdy materials that withstand everyday use and pressure on the keys for many years of typing, gaming, or even both.

Mechanical keyboards aren’t made using cheap plastic parts like most commonly used devices such as laptops and mice, which can break easily after some usage resulting in needing replacement.

In addition to being able to withstand wear and tear, it is well known that the higher-end mechanical keyboards are built with metal frames, making them much more sturdy than their counterparts.

MechanicalKeyboard’ss Mechanism is Complicated

Mechanical keyboards are also expensive because of how complicated their mechanism is.

Every key on a mechanical keyboard has its independent switch, which means that each key can be pressed individually without having to press another one or simultaneously with other keys, unlike some cheaper versions where they share the same circuit board and therefore have an issue called “ghostin,” where certain keys cannot be pressed altogether or at the same time.

Every key on a mechanical keyboard also has its stabilizers which are small metal bars that keep each switch perfectly lined up with other switches to prevent inconsistency in responsiveness and feel between keys where you might find some not working correctly if they weren’t built correctly.

Labor of Machinal Keyboard is Costly

On top of all this, to make a mechanical keyboard requires the labor and time of precisely cutting metal sheets into individual switches for each key along with putting them together in groups on their frame, which can take anywhere from half an hour to over an hour depending on how it is done.

To create one single switch alone costs nearly $20, including the costs of materials and manufacturing, so you can imagine how much time it takes to put each key together on a keyboard.

Mechanical Keyboards are Expensive because they’re Customizable.

Lastly, the fundamental reason mechanical keyboards are expensive is that they give users endless possibilities when it comes to customizing their typing experience by allowing them to change switches if they want to, replace damaged parts, or even make their keyboards with the help of online tutorials.

Why are mechanical keyboards better for gaming?

Keyboards that use mechanical switches last longer and provide more feedback than their rubber dome counterparts. The switch is the part of a keyboard that tells your PC when you have pressed down on one of the keys, but computers do not know what this means unless it can be translated into an input command. Mechanical keyboards are great for gaming because they work faster and are more accessible than rubber dome keyboards.

*They last a lot longer*. Mechanical switches have a much higher lifetime expectancy, typically lasting 50 million keystrokes compared to the 20-50 thousand of most rubber domes. This means you’ll be more motivated to actually use them even if they are loud as an added bonus.

*Mechanical keyboards can be more satisfying to use*. The feedback you get from them is much better than the mushy feel of rubber domes, and they also require less effort.

*Programmable keyboards* like the Corsair Vengeance K95 allow users complete control over their keys and macros, offering competitive gaming advantages. They feature a keyboard layout that can be customized to fit any style of play.

*Mechanical keyboards are great for gaming*. The more you use them, the better your skills will become, and they’re perfect for long sessions or LAN parties with friends.


In conclusion, mechanical switches have many advantages over rubber domes in both performance and durability, making them the keyboard of choice for gamers.

A mechanical keyboard is an investment that once you buy one and begin using it, you will never think about going back to any other type of typing device again because they are simply in a class of their own compared to all others due to their high quality and superior performance.

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